Photography with the Mind of Meditation


'An Introduction to Contemplative Photography' - workshop May 19th 2018 See 'workshops'

Hello and Welcome

Imagine seeing the world before language was learnt and thinking was possible.

Open, curious, receptive and clear - infinite possibilities.

Unable to judge experience, no thinking to obscure the clarity of the moment.

The ordinary becomes extra-ordinary, sacred.

Such joy when making photographs in this simple, clear mind-space.




  • The Photographs - The images that are most representative of who l am are in the Elements Gallery. There is a short essay on my approach to photography in Photography and Awareness (top menu) The Stock Images Gallery contains, the majority of my images with examples of work in other genres, such as Landscape, Nature, Pictorial, Flora etc.
  • Greetings Cards  - High quality beautiful cards available to retail and commercial. Please ask for commercial prices. 
  • Photographic Restoration - Give those old scratched photographs a new lease of life.
  • Tuition - I offer a series of Basic Camera Skills workshops as well as private tuition. See Workshops Gallery for more details and costs.
  • Commissions - I welcome commissions of all kinds; event photography, product photography, portraiture, landscape etc. I would be pleased to give you a no obligation quote. See examples of my commissioned work in Commissions Gallery
  • A little about me and where l am exhibiting my work can be found in News and Information (top menu) or call on 01305 889476 or 07874 910877

      Many thanks, Colin  



May this website and all that it contains be of benefit to all beings

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